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This site uses CSS stylesheets and no frames, JavaScript or Java.

Participating in the development of this site were the online internet course by Bernd Zimmermann, the tutorial SELFHTML by Stefan Münz and Ulli Meybohm's HTML editor.
By this means programming HTML was easy to learn. The present result had accomplished its appearance already after three weeks.

The coloring and the composition were mainly implemented by CSS Stylesheets. The HTML version is "strict".

The name (HelloFriends) was chosen because,, and were already assigned.

My website is located one an Apache-server provided by the one-man business Software-Technik-Zerer.
Some pictures are swapped to free webspace at
The file .htaccess is used to save my pictures from being linked and for redirections of changed URLs.

There are photographs taken with a digital camera, scanned paper pictures and pictures stored on CD by the photo shop in addition to the paper copies. All images were reduced to a convenient size for the internet and stored as jpeg. Sometimes the brightness and colours were improved by imaging programs.

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